The Sky Floor was founded in 2009 by Alan and Joel Miller with the purpose of creating original designs, custom websites and creative content for businesses and non-profits.

We are a small company and we like it that way.

Meet the Owners

Position : Project Manager / Design
Experience : 8 years

Joel Miller

Joel handles most of the communication and scheduling. He also is the go to guy for WordPress, eCommerce and marketing efforts specializing in Adwords and Analytics. The Sky Floor also offers full service video and audio production.

Joel has 12 years experience creating original video and audio content on The Sky Floor’s studio equipment. He is proficient in Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro.

Position : Designer / Developer
Experience : 13 years

Alan Miller

Alan started creating websites for clients when Flash was still alive and kicking...

He is well versed in coding PHP, html, CSS, Javascript. Alan has worked extensively in Craft, Expression Engine, Monk, Drupal, WordPress and Magento, among other content managers

He enjoys the challenge of creating user friendly designs that function beautifully. 

You may have noticed that we are twins....

A full time job in its own right since 1984, we still like each other after all these years. The synergy of twins (Twinergy?) is hard to put in writing but it means you get 2 unique perspectives who also get how the other works on a core level which = efficiency.


FAQ Answers:
We switched places once in elementary schools and the teachers knew but played along.
Also to date we have not felt each other’s pain, though there is still time for that to happen.

Why being a small team good for you:

  • No management structure to sift through; you'll be speaking directly with us.
  • Fewer clients at any given time. We limit our work load to keep our time focused
  • Quick support. When you need us, we are available immediately.